Prime Angus with Fresh Julia on the Side

Angus and julia tone down the way

This week I am listening to Angus and Julia Stone’s album Down The Way. There is something so unbelievably sweet about this album; I can almost feel the sugar-rush pumping through my veins from over indulging.

Much like women and chocolate, Angus and Julia’s creative styles are a match made in heaven.

This sibling duo works in perfect harmony with each other, bringing their different musical styles together to weave an intricate and beautiful set of songs.

Some of the absolutely stand out tracks from this album are the single, Big Jet Plane and my personal favourite Walk It Off, which is a great example of the Stone’s collaborative teamwork.

What really stands out about this album is the seemingly effortless composition of the tracks. There is such a wonderful balance of all the elements, instruments, vocals and lyrics.  It is a pleasure to listen to.

They say that you can choose your friends but not your family.  It seems that Angus and Julia got lucky in ‘choosing’ each other.

This album is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxing with friends over a few beers.

Peace out.

NL2T Rating: 4.5/5

Lucy Birchley

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