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Ready For Your Love

MNEK is already becoming one of the most connected people in the UK industry – writer, super producer and now damn fine solo singer!

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I know it seem ridiculous that a song called Happy can actually make you feel really happy, but this one does just that.

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Dear SZA,

This is a really good start to our artist-listener relationship.

Don’t screw it up.



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Ladi6 is a veteran of the New Zealand R&B/Soul but only a recent find of mine due to the song Ikarus. Don’t ask me how you’re supposed to pronounce that.

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Call On Me or Jerk Ribs?

It’s one of those songs for a plot-defining moment ¾ of the way through a romantic comedy.

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Green Garden

Lots of hand claps and sits somewhere between Janelle Monae and Gospel. The sound is different and I love it. You will too.

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Jessica Mauboy has always been an undoubtedly talented pop singer and finally its looking like Jess might be on the verge of getting then recognition her talent deserves. Her new film, The Sapphires, is about to debut in Cinema’s around the world after a glowing reception from Cannes…

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Just when you lose pretty much all confidence in the mainstream pop market and its inability to produce any music you would actually listen to twice, Emeli Sande brings a slice of Heaven to the table. Hailing from the the top of Scotland, Emeli has already secured her spot on our top shelf with the first single, Heaven, from her debut album, Our Version Of Events which drops in November.

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Rolling In The Deep

A New Year. New Adele. British soul songstress, Adele, rose to popularity with the second single of her debut, Chasing Pavements. 3 years down the creative track, Adele has released the first single from her upcoming second full album, 21. The single Rolling In The Deep, is a strong dark bluesy gospel disco tune, which sounds like it features a sample from Jake Shears? I applaud her for making the music she wanted to and not going to down the mainstream pop route, which she could of so easily gone down. Video is somewhat brilliant too.

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What happens when your label makes bad decisions

The decisions made by an artist’s A&R or label support can be the making or breaking of a career. Too often it seems to be the breaking. I know we have touched on this topic before in one of my rants, but today I wanted to give you a breakdown and example of how someone (not the artist) can ruin your career. Artist’s take note.

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