I have been a massive fan of Sohn and his production work for a while now. Things just seem to be getting better for this master technician as he has got his first solo album coming out under his own name come April.

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Goodbye To The Future

Who would have thought that you would find me ever posting a good Presets song here again?

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Ready For Your Love

MNEK is already becoming one of the most connected people in the UK industry – writer, super producer and now damn fine solo singer!

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Best of 2013

Don’t we all just hate top 10 lists? They were cool many years ago, but now the saturation is so heavy, top 10 lists are giving Cat Memes a run for there money online.

Thankfully this is not a top 10 list. Rather it is just a list of some of the best tracks of the year compiled from posts already on the site and just a few that have been missed.

This list is also probably really helpful if you were living in the wild, too poor for an internet connection or stuck in a coma for most of 2013.

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Could be mistaken for another Flume and Chet Faker colab, but it’s way better.

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I know it seem ridiculous that a song called Happy can actually make you feel really happy, but this one does just that.

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Oscar Key Sung

Soulful – like you want it to be.
Different – like you know it should be.
Danceable – Like you know it must be.
Fun – like you need it to be.

All I Could Do = Perfect.

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If this is the sign of things to come, then we should all count ourselves lucky.

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In Rolling Waves

It’s moody and its slow build throughout the track I think is what makes it a winner.

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Dear SZA,

This is a really good start to our artist-listener relationship.

Don’t screw it up.



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